My NeoLife Be Your Best 90 Day Fitness Challenge

Tuesday, November 24th

You may not have heard a lot about NeoLife on my blog yet, but it is something that I’m very passionate about, though I’ll save that for another day. For now here is my NeoLife Be Your Best 90 Day Fitness Challenge submission that I will be taking part in:

Running was our family’s preferred sport and exercise, which I despised with every fiber of my being. Out of seven brothers, I was the least physically fit and certainly believed mentally that I was physically inferior. Breaking my leg at age 9 with a displaced (bone snaps in two or more parts and moves so that the two ends are not lined up) closed (overlying skin is intact) fracture wasn’t a great launch into my own future non-illustrious running career. Yes, I competed through middle school and high school cross-country and track while maintaining a severely underweight physic for my stature. I consistently found myself pulling rear guard in races and finished my high school cross-country career on a downward spiral with my worst time in six years.

At age 20 (2008) I enlisted in the U.S. Army hoping to accomplish a physical feat which the computer nerd software engineer in me had never dreamed possible. Shipping down range to Ft. Benning, Georgia, Home of the Infantry, I followed in the footsteps of two of my brothers. Weighing in at 186 pounds to kick-off Boot Camp I left 4 months later losing 27 pounds to finish at a weight of 159 pounds – not a positive when someone is over 6 feet tall.

In 2012 I entered to run the Atlanta Half-Marathon on Thanksgiving day while dreaming of following it up with the Nashville Rock & Roll Full Marathon the following April. I suffered terribly in the knees/joints following each training run which severely limited my overall conditioning leading up to the race. Painstakingly I found myself stumble my broken 210+ pound body across the finish line swearing to never run another half, thus ending my dream of running a full marathon.

Following this half marathon I barely laced up my running shoes for the next 2 years. In late June of 2014 I began daily taking NeoLife Full Motion and found myself running pain free 2-3 months later. Earlier this year I joined the local Crossfit gym and finished my first 10k road race on July 4th at the famous 2015 Peachtree Road Race. Suddenly my desire to accomplish feats I never dreamed possible awoken.

For my NeoLife Be Your Best 90 Day Fitness Challenge I will be lacing up my running shoes yet again. This time I’ll be dominating the 2015 Tryptophan Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day exactly 3 years after my epic 2012 failure; plus I’ve registered to run my first ever full marathon, First Light Marathon, on January 10, 2016, in Mobile, Alabama. A matter of weeks later I’ll be bolting across the start line on track to finish my first 5k in 10 years with a personal best under 20 minutes, which I had previously believed to be an unattainable childish dream. This time will beat my personal best of 24 minutes which was set weighing less than 110 pounds back in middle school.

Main Goal: To stay above 190 pounds while maintaining and increasing muscle mass on my 6’ 3” frame. Previously I had either dropped serious mass / weight alongside a broken body.

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