Making SEO the ultimate Digital Marketing campaign goal

Thursday, February 8th

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been stewing on Rand Fish’s tweet (attached below) on how powerful Google’s organic links (SEO) are versus paid clicks over time, showing organic results maintaining a 20X advantage over paid clicks. I was somewhat shocked by the numbers. Although, I also feel validated since I’ve always focused my client’s marketing resources and financial capital between short and long-term marketing goals, with the ultimate focus being to bring the cost per click (CPC) as low as possible, which his tweet validates as being organic.

Should all efforts be focused then on the long-term goal of a search engine optimized site? Certainly not. I believe the short term with paid social media advertising and AdWords are an excellent testing ground to see how your targeted audience is responding to your messaging. Solely focusing on SEO takes months for results; what if you miscalculated and pivot is needed? Having a two-prong approach allows you to see quick numbers that are in turn applied for long-term organic returns. I’m just touching on paid vs organic ads in this article for campaigns with the same messaging and focus; there are undoubtedly particular paid ad campaigns that are fast-paced and time-sensitive.

Check out this excellent article by Syrup Marketing (fellow Atlanta company, woot woot!) where they touch on measuring your marketing ROI investment between short-term and long-term goals.

Willing to be patient to see long-term organic results for best CPC returns?

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